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Thai Elite Visa & Additional Visas for Property Owners

So you have decided to make Thailand your permanent home or simply looking to enjoy a hassle-free experience in your holiday home/property investment? The Thai Elite Visa is arguably the best way for property owners to enjoy their stay in Thailand.

With the Thai Elite Visa, you’ll get a renewable five-year multiple entry visa with an extendable one-year length of stay for each entry.

Heighten Your Traveling Experience

If you do enjoy traveling, you’ll be doing so in style and with the multiple-entry visa, you will have no trouble re-entering the country. On arrival and departure, you’ll be greeted by Elite Personal Assistants who will guide you through immigration with expedited VIP processing. Additionally, you’ll get a complimentary limousine transfer to and from the airport for selected cities in Thailand (Phuket included) on international flights.

Exclusive Discounts & Partner Privileges

You’ll get assistance with the processing of driver’s license, opening bank accounts among other things.

  • Complimentary green fees
  • Complimentary spa treatments
  • Complimentary annual health check-ups
  • King Power Duty-Free benefits
  • Special discounts at some hundred hotels, dining establishments, golf resorts leading department stores, etc.

Thai Elite Visa Cost

The all-inclusive membership cost for a whooping 20-year validity is 2 million THB or sign up for a 5-year membership, the cost is 500,000 THB.

While it is a rather sizable lump sum to pay, keep in mind that spread out over 20 years it is only 100,000 THB/year or 8,333 THB/month. A small price to pay for a comfortable and easy stay in paradise.

*+ Annual fee of 20,000 THB.

Additional Visa Options for Property Owners in Thailand

Tourist Visa: If you only visit your property once a year and not for more than 90 days there’s no reason to make it more complicated than to apply for a tourist visa at an embassy outside of Thailand. The visa will give you 60 days stay in the kingdom with an option to extend with another 30 days at an immigration office inside Thailand.

Non-Immigrant Visa: This Visa is particularly suited for land or villa investors as they might have set up a company to own property already.

Retirement Visa: This Visa allows foreigners to stay and live in Thailand for a year without going to the border for re-entry, but renewal is still necessary at the immigration office. First, you’d need to get a non-immigrant visa and then convert it into a Retirement Visa. Available for anyone 50 years old or above.

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