11 Things To Know About Renting a Property in Phuket

These are the 11 most frequently asked questions we get regarding renting an apartment or a house in Phuket.

1. I’m interested in “this” property, is it available?

We have more than 100 properties for rent from different owners, and not all of them notify us when a property is rented out. Do not hesitate to reach out to us though as we probably have similar properties that fit your requirements even if the one you inquired about is not available.

2. What is usually included in the rental price?

Even though it can differ from owner to owner, generally for long term rentals the price is NOT inclusive of:

  • Electric Usage
  • Water Usage
  • Internet Package
  • Cleaning
  • Air Condition Cleaning

Some owners might offer free swimming pool maintenance and gardening, but there are also cases where they are not inclusive.

For short term holiday rentals, pretty much all of the above is included in the price. Keep in mind though, some owners keep the rental price very low, and charge extra for electric usage, water usage, and cleaning. We recommend making sure all the details are clear before signing any contract.

3. Who is responsible to take care of the pool and the garden for private pool villas?

There is no common practice, some owners accept to take care of these, some don’t. If not included there is a good chance to get a discount on the price.

4. What is the average monthly bills for Electric, Water, and Internet in Phuket?

The costs will depend on the size of the property and the usage. If it’s a big property, it will probably use more electricity for lights and air condition.

For long term rentals, the owners don’t mark up the government’s rates. Therefore you’ll pay directly at government’s rates which usually is between 5-7 THB per unit for electricity and 20-30 THB per unit for water bills.

Average electric usage for a small 1 bedroom condo is around 600 THB monthly while water is around 50 THB per month.

You can almost double these numbers as you add a number of bedrooms. That will give you a ballpark figure.

The Internet also depends on the package. But a 400-500 THB monthly package will be enough speed for the average user.

5. If there’s a problem with the property, who is responsible for fixing it?

This can also differ from owner to owner, but usually, if anything is broken or not working properly in the property in the first couple of months, the owner is responsibly fixing the issues since the property is promised to be rented out in good condition.

For issues longer into a rental contract, if it’s fundamental problem such as roof leakage etc. the owner should take care of them. However, any problem with air-conditioner, fridge, etc. the tenant might need to fix by themselves.

6. Can I sublease the property out for my own clients?

In most cases, subleasing is not welcomed by the owners. That being said, some villa owners accept subleasing, so it can’t hurt to ask. Doing it without the owner's permission could land you in a lot of trouble though.

Note that it is illegal to rent out a property daily or weekly according to Thai Laws if a property doesn’t have a hotel license. While it’s not strictly enforced at the moment, technically you would be running an illegal operation, so this is something to keep in mind if you plan to sublease property through daily rentals.

7. Is the rental price negotiable?

Usually, rental prices are negotiable, especially if you agree to pay 3, 6, or 12 months in advance which can lower the price significantly compared to paying monthly.

8. I would like to stay in the property for a day or two before committing to a long-term contract. Is it possible?

This is not common practice to allow, but particularly generous owners might agree to this. Just don’t count on it …

9. The property lack additional furniture like a sofa bed, second air-con unit, etc. Can the owner add them to the unit?

It is possible. Some owners might ask you to pay one more month’s rent in advance to cover these items, some might add them anyway. These kinds of things are always negotiable. Usually, if you would like to change something that is already in place (like replacing a bed), the owners will not agree to that.

10. If I rent a house from you, how much will you charge me?

You will pay us nothing out of your pocket, all our viewings and rental services are free of charge for the client.

11. If I want to terminate a contract early, can I get my deposit back?

Absolutely not. This is exactly one of the reasons why owners charge a deposit, so they will have time to find new tenants if a contract is terminated prematurely.

So there you have them, the most frequently asked questions about renting a property in Phuket.

As you can see, almost no terms are set in stone and almost everything can be negotiated. Keep a good relationship with the landlord and your agent and we can almost guarantee you a hassle-free rental experience in Phuket.

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