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Why do I Need an Agent When Buying Property in Phuket?

If you have done any kind of property for sale in Phuket research, you have probably come across several agents and agencies already. You might be thinking; why do I need an agent when buying a property in Phuket?

Considering that buying a home is likely to be one of the biggest purchases of your lifetime, it does make sense to get advice from experts with knowledge of the location and the local property market.

Let's go through a list of reason why you should obtain the services of an agent:

1. Your Agent Knows The Local Market & Areas

Where is the best location to buy a property in Phuket? That is not easy to know for someone not familiar with Phuket, and it will also depend a lot on personal preferences. If golf or beach are priorities, there are certain areas that would suit you better than others.

Your agent will also be up-to-date on market trends, holding the market knowledge you need to get the best results from your purchase. Some up-and-coming areas might hold particular value for price appreciation.

2. Your Agent Will Arrange Viewings of Properties

Your agent can arrange and coordinate viewings for several properties on the same day. We at Pulse Real Estate also offer pick-up and drop-off at a location of your choosing as part of our service as the buyer's agent. We can also arrange virtual video viewings via Whatsapp or other chat applications on request. You can fill out the form on our property finder page to fill out your property requirements and one of our advisors will get back to you with a list of properties to review.

3. Your Agent Can Advise on Property Ownership in Thailand

We advise that you read through our can foreigners own property in Thailand guide, but even after reading through it, you might have some questions. Your agent can give detailed advice and recommendations for each individual property you are interested in. Our team has decades of experience in the Phuket property market between them, and we have all lived in Thailand for 10+ years. We have already dealt with all kinds of situations and ownership and can guide you through the potential confusion when it comes to property ownership in Thailand.

4. Your Agent Will Advise You on How Much to Offer

With their experience of the local market and property negotiations, your agent can advise you whether what the seller is asking is a fair price and/or if the price is negotiable. This can be particularly true for off-plan projects straight from the developer where the agent might have closed deals before and have a good relationship with the sales team.

5. Your Agent Has Experience in Real Estate Contracts

Even if you have experience of real estate contracts in your home country, contracts in Thailand might be a different story. Your agent (if reputable and experience like the ones we employ at Pulse Real Estate), they have seen the contracts before, has experience of the transaction at the land office, and together with your lawyer, you are in safe hands. Yes, we advise you to always hire a lawyer when buying property in Phuket, and we have a list of trusted professionals known to be excellent to work with.

6. Using an Agent Does Not Cost The Buyer Anything

As is standard in Phuket, the agent is paid by commission offered by the seller, whether it be from a private owner or from a developer. Purchasing directly from the developer isn't going to save you money as compared to buying property in Thailand from a property agent.

Agents usually do not charge an upfront fee, instead, the commission is only paid once a deal is completed. As a result, agencies with marketing costs can end up paying money to promote apartments and villas that are never sold.

Nevertheless, our agents are committed to finding the right property for you, and we put the client first, not the commission. We are also reaching out to other agencies if the options in our inventory do not fit your requirements, all to make it easier for you to find your dream home in Phuket.


Using a real estate agent when buying property in Phuket makes sense only if you choose a reputable agency. What is the point of using the services of a glorified taxi driver?

We at Pulse Real Estate are dedicated to helping our clients throughout all stages of the purchase process, and we have the knowledge and experience to make your transaction as smooth as possible. Feel free to browse through our inventory of property for sale in Phuket, or reach out to us using the contact form below to schedule a personal consultation.

Alex Seago - agent for Pulse Real Estate

Alex Seago

Alex is from the UK and our Managing Director, overseeing the business, managing the sales team, and also taking on clients himself. Alex is also a fluent Thai speaker, who has been living and working in Thailand for almost two decades.

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