10 Reasons to Buy a Condo in Phuket

One of the first things we learn when sourcing information on purchasing a property in Thailand is that there are several ways a non-Thai citizen can invest, for example; through a Thai partner or a Thai Limited Company, by purchasing a lease, or by owning a freehold. According to Thai law, only a condominium can be owned freehold by a non-Thai citizen.

A freehold cannot be owned by a non-Thai citizen in relation to land or a house.

The case of a non-Thai citizen owning a condominium is safeguarded specifically in Thai law under the clear and robust Thailand Condominium Act (1979).

Being able to make protected investments is without a doubt the number one reason why foreign nationals have been successfully investing in property in Thailand for the last 20 years.

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider investing in a condo in Phuket.

1. You Can Purchase A Condo Freehold in Thailand

Ok yes, we have already mentioned this……but it is worth repeating; as a foreign national you can own a condo freehold in your own name in Thailand.

2. Condos in Phuket are Easy to sell

A condo owned under foreign freehold can be sold to other foreigners or Thais.

3. Repatriation of Funds

Proceeds from a condo sale can be sent back to your home country hassle-free.

4. Market Growth

The market of condos in Phuket is expanding rapidly with interest from local and overseas investors. Since 2015, condos have been the preferred property investment vehicle of nationals from China, Hong, and other ASEAN countries, expanding the market further and supporting price growth in Thailand’s number one tourist destination.

5. Investment Return

The rental market is buoyant and some developers offer 5-8% guaranteed rental return for the first 3 years. Factor this into capital growth and you have a very healthy return on your investment.

6. Owning Land or a House can be Problematic

For example:

  • Setting up a nominee company to own land is in a legal gray area, and the government is rumored to be investigating such companies.
  • The 30 + 30 + 30-year lease agreement is not supported by law and has no legal precedent. In reality, you can only be guaranteed a 30-year lease.

7. Security

Have peace of mind that your property is safe and secure. All modern condo developments have key card access, security staff, and cameras throughout.

8. Fully Equipped

Swimming pools, Jacuzzis, gyms, libraries, common areas under one roof with shops and amenities usually within walking distance.

9. Hassle-free Furniture

Condos come with basic furniture and complete furniture packages are also usually available.

10. Perfect Holiday Home

As well as a return on your money, condos in Phuket are investments you can enjoy. Simply block the dates of your own holiday with your rental program.

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