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The Highest Guaranteed Rental Returns on Phuket

The ever increasing positive tourism numbers for Thailand overall, and Phuket, in particular, have allowed real estate developers in Phuket to offer investors guaranteed rental returns on investment properties.

Investment properties are different than residential real estate as they are more or less managed as a hotel by the developer and marketed to holidaymakers to be rented out and generate rental income.

Below you will find our recommended projects with the highest guaranteed rental returns on Phuket. You might also want to take a look at our full list of the best investment property in Phuket and do not hesitate to contact us to set up a free property tour.

Guaranteed Rental Returns

One frequently asked question many property investors have is just what can they expect in terms of return on investment.

As an example of a guaranteed rental return on Phuket, “7% Guaranteed Rental Return for 15 Years” means that the developer is guaranteeing the property owner an annual rental return of 7% of the sale price for up to 15 years to be paid out yearly.

For some projects, you do not have to wait until the property is completed in order to receive your yearly guaranteed return or a percentage of the guaranteed sum. You can find more information in our article about the average ROI for property investments on Phuket.

Everything regarding the rentals is handled by a management team, so the investor can just kick back and watch the bank account grow, as a hands-free investment should be.

Additional Benefits

Owners can also enjoy up to 4 weeks of free stay in their property every year (may vary depending on the developer), a terrific reason to invest in a paradise island like Phuket. Owners can then enjoy all the resort-like facilities like fitness center swimming pool and will also often get discounts at on-site restaurants and spas.

On top of all the advantages above, there are also developers who offer to buy-back the property at the original purchase price +10-15% after a certain amount of years.

Safe Investments

Condominium investments in Thailand and Phuket are generally very safe. Foreigners can own condominiums freehold and Thai laws allow leasehold contracts for as long as 30 years. For investors looking to maximize their income during a guaranteed rental return period and then exercise a buy-back clause, a leasehold property could be a better option with cheaper transfer fees etc.

Any Questions?

There are plenty of options out there, all with their own advantages and disadvantages and more or less suitable for different types of investors. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to set up a personal consultation over phone/WhatsApp/email/Signal/Telegram or Line or to schedule a free property tour with complimentary pick-up and drop-off at your accommodation.

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