Land Plot of 6.6 Rai for Sale in Nai Yang, Phuket - Only 200m from the Beachfront

10,640 sqm land
Property ID: LS-NYG02
Property Details
Near Beach
Property typeLand
Offer typesale
LocationNai Yang
Land area10,640 sqm
  • Two adjacent plots sold as one (see plan)
  • The total land area is 6.6 rai (approximately 10,640 sqm)
  • The land is already cleared with sparse palm trees planted
  • Mostly flat land
  • Only 200 meters bird eye view from the beach (~ 1 km drive)

Possible Developments

Residential Villas or Condominiums: Develop a gated community of upscale villas or condominiums. 

Boutique Resort: Build a boutique resort with a tropical garden theme. Design comfortable cottages or bungalows surrounded by lush greenery. A central pool area, spa, and restaurant can provide a tranquil and luxurious experience for guests.

Mixed-Use Complex: Develop a mixed-use complex that includes residential units, retail spaces, and possibly offices. This can cater to both residents and tourists, offering convenience and a sense of community.

Eco-Friendly Village: Capitalize on the natural surroundings by creating an eco-friendly village. Use sustainable building materials and practices, and offer green spaces, walking trails, and communal gardens. This type of development can attract environmentally conscious buyers.

Wellness and Retreat Center: Consider building a wellness and retreat center with amenities like a yoga studio, meditation spaces, and health-focused cafes. Promote a healthy lifestyle and a serene atmosphere to attract wellness enthusiasts.

Location Advantages

Nai Yang Beach is nestled along the northwest shoreline of Phuket, approximately a 10-minute drive from Phuket International Airport. The proximity to the airport makes Nai Yang a popular location for the high-end clientele who like to visit their upscale holiday homes in Phuket.

Nai Yang Beach is characterized by its stunning natural beauty. The coastline is adorned with soft, golden sands that stretch for approximately two kilometers along the Andaman Sea. Towering casuarina trees provide shade along the shoreline, creating inviting spots for picnics and relaxation. The beach offers breathtaking views of the crystal-clear waters of the Andaman Sea, and it's not uncommon to spot local fishermen at work.

The beach's calm waters make it suitable for swimming, and there are opportunities for snorkeling and water sports. Additionally, nearby Sirinat National Park offers hiking trails and nature walks for those who want to explore the lush, green surroundings.

Despite its serene setting, Nai Yang Beach enjoys convenient access to essential amenities. There are restaurants, cafes, and convenience stores nearby, ensuring that visitors have access to dining options and daily necessities.

The beach is situated in close proximity to several other popular Phuket beaches, including Mai Khao Beach to the north and Naithon Beach to the south.

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