Investment Studio Condo in Luxury Condominium Resort in Kata - 7% Rental Guarantee for 3 Years

1 Bath
37 sqm living
Freehold, Leasehold
Property ID: S-KAT0110-S
Property Details
Foreign Freehold
Near Beach
Property typeApartments & Condos
Offer typesale
LocationKata & Karon
Living space37 sqm
Price per sqm145,000 THB
Completion dateQ2 2026
OwnershipFreehold, Leasehold

The complex is located just 300 meters from Kata Beach and consists of 390 condo units, including 8 condominiums (separate residential buildings with their own infrastructure and pool), 27 townhouses with panoramic views, and a separate hotel building.

The complex features a central entrance, a large underground 2-level parking facility, and organized internal logistics facilitated by golf carts. The hotel building is located directly at the entrance to the project, followed by the condominium buildings, with the townhouses situated at the highest point.

Each condominium building has a unique shape, and the positioning at different angles allows for additional perspective and improved views. Most of the space between the buildings is designated for pedestrian use only, ensuring maximum comfort and safety for residents' movement within the complex. A particular focus is placed on creating a barrier-free environment in the internal spaces, an innovative solution for Phuket.

The plot of land where the project is built is on a slope in the southern part of the beach. The unique terrain allows for magnificent views from most of the apartments in the complex. In addition to the stunning landscape, this plot is the last available for development in the area and at such a distance from the shoreline. This significantly impacts the future capitalization of the property. It's worth noting that there are strict restrictions on land distribution on the island of Phuket, with only 15% of the island's territory designated for general development. This fact directly influences the continuously rising cost of land on the island.

The area of the land is 8 rai (13,800 square meters), and the plot itself has a significant slope. It is located just under 300 meters from the shoreline, allowing one to cover this distance on foot in less than 5 minutes at a relaxed pace. Along the way, there are numerous shops, food courts, restaurants serving various cuisines from around the world, massage parlors, a bank branch, currency exchange offices, clothing stores, stalls selling fresh Thai fruits, seafood vendors, pharmacies, and bars. 

Unit Options

  • Type "A" - Studio 37 sqm
  • Type "B" - Studio 37 sqm (corner)
  • Type "D" - One-bedroom apartment 37 sqm

Investment Opportunities

After construction is completed, the complex is put into operation, and the apartments are rented out. Management is handled by the developer's own hotel group, Hotels9. The project offers two income programs for owners:

Fixed Income Program

The fixed income program guarantees 7% ROI on the purchase price for 3 years (available only with full payment during the construction phase.

Participation in this program involves regular annual payments of 7% of the selling price per year. However, the owner does not have the right to use the apartment for personal purposes, leisure, or independent rental. Payments are made in Thai Baht to the owner's personal account.

Rental Pool Program:

In this program, a pool of identical apartments is formed, and the gross rental revenue is distributed between participants as follows:

  • 40% of the turnover is distributed equally among all pool participants.
  • 60% remains on the balance of the management company, of which 20% is paid as commission to agencies, aggregators, tour operators, 25% is allocated to the labor payment fund, depreciation, minor repairs, and utility bills. 15% of the turnover represents the management company's profit.

There is a limitation on the owner's stay in the program, which is 30 calendar days per year, with a maximum of 14 days during the high season from October to May.

Amenities & Facilities

The overall aesthetic "chemistry" continues to work in the embodiment of interior solutions. In the public spaces, the architects have planned to form a community in balance with nature and seclusion. The task is challenging, but its solution has allowed for the planning of numerous interesting corners for socializing, creative activities, and discussions. The entire interior exudes restraint, adequate minimalism, and naturalistic elements of living vegetation, which allow you to feel how much attention to detail has been devoted here.

Another attraction point is the rooftop pools in each of the buildings. With 20 years of experience managing hotels in Phuket, we can appeal to statistics, according to which, the majority of guests prefer the pool, choosing it for swimming over the sea, especially when accompanied by small children. In the complex, each of the pools will become your favorite spot.

  • Firstly, each of the pools will offer magnificent views of the sea and the general panorama of the area.
  • Secondly, the pool area is a service zone where you can also order food and drinks.
  • Thirdly, the pools are equipped with shower facilities, and each guest is provided with a set of towels, making their stay and water activities ascomfortable as possible.
  • Fourthly, the presence of shaded areas makes staying in the bright sun controlled and safe.


For each of its projects, the developer carefully selects the most promising location. The efficiency of the future property's location directly impacts its demand in terms of future rental and, consequently, investment return.

The complex is situated just 300 meters from the popular tourist beach of Kata, and a leisurely walk to the shoreline takes no more than 3-5 minutes. Currently, the Kata area ranks among Phuket's top three most visited tourist destinations.

Despite its modest size, this area has full tourist infrastructure, including restaurants, massage parlors, banks, pharmacies, bars, shops, tourist agencies, and souvenir stalls. The beach, stretching approximately one and a half kilometers, ensures the area's popularity. Its dazzling white sand, crystal-clear water, and year-round summer weather allow tourists to enjoy comfortable stays here regardless of the season.

A colorful coral reef in the northern part of the beach's waters is ideal for shore diving. From May to October, the waves reach a height suitable for comfortable surfing, with the Quiksilver World Championship in autumn.

The Kata Surf House training center, equipped with an artificial wave generator, provides a safe environment for aspiring surfers to learn their craft.

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