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Cheap Condos in Phuket 101

The Phuket property market has exploded in recent years, attracting seasoned investors looking to diversify their investments as well as perhaps somewhat inexperienced investors just starting up their real estate portfolio.

At first glance the cheap condos in Phuket might look like the best deal; you’ll get ”more property” for your money, right? That is not necessarily true though, and in this article, we will outline exactly why you shouldn’t cheap out on your condo investment, in Thailand and Phuket in particular.

For personal consultations, fill out the client registration form or contact us and we’ll be more than happy to give you all the guidance you need on your way to your Phuket real estate investments. We also recommend that you check out our recommended Investment Properties in Phuket.

Go For Quality

While it might be tempting to purchase a cheap condo because you don’t want to put too much money in the market, it’s important to also take into consideration what you’ll actually get as a higher price per square meter often means higher quality, better finishing and just a higher standard.

This is particularly important for investors who plan to use their property as a holiday home on a regular basis as the quality directly will affect your living standards. This Premium Hotel Managed Property in Kamala is a good example of a property that is on the more expensive side but also will provide a high-quality experience. Also another compound that sought after by many is Cassia Laguna Phuket project. Every year so many tourist prefer to stay in this project, so it is easy to rent out and of course easy to sell whenever you wish to do so.

The price will also almost certainly reflect not only the location of the unit in the building (what’s the view etc.) but also the location of the project as a whole. Prime land plots in Phuket are not cheap, and particularly sea view and beachfront properties are in high demand driving the prices up. For example Patong is one of the most popular areas in Phuket when it comes to tourism. This Patong Condo for Sale is a good example of what you can get for the money. There are so many similar options available in Phuket.

If your budget is limited you might want to consider a bank loan if the expected rental return outweighs the bank’s interest rate. You can find out what is required to be eligible for a bank loan in Thailand here.

Off-plan projects also often offer payment terms that can be stretched over several years.

Embrace the Common Area Fee

“I really like the project, but the common area fee/maintenance fee is too high” is the feedback we receive from our clients from time to time when recommending a project.

When you think about it, it’s a contradictory statement as the higher common area fee might be a reason why the project is so attractive in the first place!

A higher common fee means more money to be spent on staff, repairs, and just general maintenance keeping the property in tip-top shape. Not only will that lead to a pleasant experience for residential use, but also higher achievable rental returns and higher resale value.

Good Rental Management Company = Good Business

Similar to the point regarding a maintenance fee that is on the higher side, a relatively high rental management fee will almost certainly mean a more professionally managed rental management operation. If a big hotel-chain has been brought in to manage the property, they certainly won’t do it on the cheap.

On the positive side, Hotel Managed Condos in Phuket is likely to make you more money in the long run as they can leverage their experience and knowledge about the business. If you are interested in finding out who will manage a certain property, ask a trusted real estate agent who surely will be happy to help you out.

Higher Price = Higher Returns

The achievable rental returns can be described as a function of the price. You will often hear that a property is expected (or in some cases even guaranteed) to generate a certain percentage of rental return every year.

If your 3 million baht property at project x is expected to generate a 10% rental return of 300,000 baht per year, how much would a 5 million baht property at the same project generate? You do the math and tell me which will put more money in your pocket. Hint: It’s not a cheap property in Phuket.

Use A Lawyer

We always recommend our clients use a lawyer when purchasing a property in Phuket. While it’s generally a clean and honest market, it’s good to have someone with knowledge of the law in your corner. Keep in mind that you not only need knowledge of the law but might also need to battle the language barrier.

If you are purchasing from a large development, there will almost certainly be lawyers around that have been hired to review the sales and purchase agreement and various contracts regarding that project already and will have experience of the paperwork. You can read more about the procedures of using a lawyer in Thailand here.

Alex Seago - agent for Pulse Real Estate

Alex Seago

Alex is from the UK and our Managing Director, overseeing the business, managing the sales team, and also taking on clients himself. Alex is also a fluent Thai speaker, who has been living and working in Thailand for almost two decades.

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